Posting Policy

Because every website needs one, right?

By using this site and its features, you agree to abide by the following rules and conditions. Failure to follow these rules will result in suspension or termination of your account, or restriction of your posting abilities.

 Opinion, Opinion, Opinion! This website is a blog. It consists of opinions. You do not have to like someone else’s opinion, but you should respect that person’s opinion. Not everyone thinks alike, and that’s what makes our world unique. If you think an opinion is wrong (Hint: opinions can’t be wrong.), then provide evidence to support why you’re right. Nobody is better than anyone else, do not act like it around here.
This isn’t a forum! Its a blog. Blogs are different than forums. You can’t create new topics, and stuff like that. Don’t even try.
Quality: “lol” isn’t a comment, its a reaction to a post or comment. Put some thought into your post. Its fine to lol at the end if you want, but if you think your l33t by saing lol n nothing else, you’re not.
No Backseat Moderation: Its my site, I’ll take care of the bad people. If you see someone breaking the rules, use the Report button that appears on each comment, and I’ll take a look into it right away.
Rated PG by the ESRB: Its cool to use swear words, but not excessively. Also, no pornography of any kind, I don’t care if its of an animated character or a real life animal, not here. Go somewhere else with that stuff.
If the FBI can shut us down, don’t post it! No warez, piracy, child pornography etc. Basically, if you have to think twice about posting it, don’t post it. Or think about not posting it.

– I don’t want to know about how my SEO sucks, I know it sucks, its supposed to suck. If I was doing this for money, my SEO wouldn’t suck, but I don’t care, so it sucks. Got it?
– I am a perfectly normal Male human being. I don’t need, or want Viagra. I don’t want some horny person advertising me Viagra, I don’t want it. Go be horny somewhere else.

Look, if it doesn’t belong to you, don’t say it belongs to you. Credit the original author or whoever it was that made it. If you don’t, and I find out, I’ll do it for you, and you won’t like that.

– Hotlinking
I kinda pay to host this website. It costs money. And while I’m a nice person, I’m not nice enough to give you a free ride. If I didn’t give you permission to use an image on your own site, don’t. If you do, you’ll soon find it replaced by something significantly embarrassing. Don’t do it.