About Me

Hi! It’s nice to see you here! My name is Jason! Or, you can call me Cappy! I’m a Chespin, duh! 

In my spare time, I’m a gamer, a role-player, and just a general jerk. My opinions aren’t exactly the most popular, but hey, they’re my opinions, and that’s what should matter, right? I also enjoy writing. You’ll see a lot of that here.

As a big Pokémon fan, a lot of my posts might revolve around Pokémon. Just a warning.

Instead of blabbering on and on, I’ve prepared a list of common questions, and some answers to them. Please take a look through them!

Q: What would others say about your personality?
A: Many people would describe me as a quiet and shy person. Yet, I am pretty intelligent, and can think of ideas quickly when needed. When on a team, I prefer to be a member, not the leader, though I will lend my insights, of course.

Q: How did you get into working on websites, and what’s your experience?
A: I have knowledge of the HTML and PHP programming languages, and have knowledge working with MySQL databases. Furthermore, I have experience in several pieces of software, including MyBB, Invision Power Board, WordPress, and MediaWiki, to name a few.

Q: What’s a Kapi?
A: Kapi/tehkapi is my current online persona, or username.

Though I’ve had several usernames, Kapi came about in 2008, when several members of a website I joined changed their names into the names of Digimon. I initially became Veemon, as seen to the right. However, the name was soon disabled in IRC chat hosted by Sonic Retro. That’s because an “oldbie” user had the name on their forums and was granted it on the IRC network due to their status. I was angry, yes, but had to come up with something new.

So, I choose Kapurimon, a Digimon I had only known about since Digimon World Dusk and Dawn came out. Then one day in the IRC channel, somebody shortened it to Kapi (Since Kapurimon is too long), and I’ve pretty much used it since then. If Kapi is already taken on a website, then I’ll use tehKapi.

If you see “me” on a message board and I’ve said something controversial, check with me first by sending an e-mail, it may just be somebody that doesn’t like me for one reason or another.

Q: Do you like Video Games? What are your favorite genres?
A: Of course I like video games! I enjoy RPG and platformer games the most, and the occasional SNES genre of games. (winkwink) My most favoritst (word mad up by me) game series happen to be Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts, Disgaea, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Q: Who is your favorite video game character, of all time?
A: To be honest, it’s a hard question. The character I like the most has to be Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. My personality closely matches his, quiet and shy, but outgoing as well. Also, my favorite treat just happens to be mints! Great Value brand is the cheapest, but tastes great…. er, um… move on.