The Nightmare

Over the past few days I’ve had a recurring nightmare, once that every time I see it, I can’t back out of it.

Welcome to Hell.

I’m a retail employee. I sometimes enjoy my job, even if it can be a living nightmare sometimes. It’s certainly a challenge everyday I’m there.

In my nightmare, I work at a Sears store in some unknown location. It’s an older building, maybe 1920’s vintage? There is an unused entrance, which is also known as the beginner’s trap, or the wanderer’s demise.

You know how it is, you get to the front of the store to see a line of people, and you decide to go towards this door, since nobody’s coming in, nobody’s going out. It’s perfect, flag down an employee, get checked out quickly, and leave, even if you have to walk to your car.

Damned be the one that goes this route.

It seems like any normal area. A row of special electronic things form a gate to the exit. Going through these allows you to go through a large wooden door into a small room. Doors on the left wall and right wall lead you to believe there’s more in the area, and in front of you is your goal, the side door. But before getting to it, you must go into one small room which is blocked with yet another door before finally going outside.

Inside this area is a counter, presumably, this entrance was active at one point in the distant future, but all it’s there for now is a trap. For any new person who works there, there is a vision of a cash register, just waiting to be used. With nobody around, you lead your unsuspecting victim and yourself into the room, only to find nothing there but emptiness.

Once you turn around, you realize that the door you came in is now sealed shut. Even if you had somebody standing there, they surely would have been crushed alive, even if no sound was made.

You decide to check the slightly ajar doors, but only to be creeped even more when looking through them, seeing hellish paintings of twisted faces and ghosts inside. Standing there long enough will let the apparitions come free, scaring you into running for the only door you can get to, the exit.

Going through the door that leads into the small square room that leads to the door, however, reveals a hole in the floor. Running into this room would surely mean falling into the hole. Even if you found a way to cover it up, the cover would crumble beneath your feet, leading you down the hole and into what can only be called hell itself. Twisted faces are the norm here, with the screams of the long departed damned. The dark and deep hole was sure to be an emotional hell to begin with, the solitude of such a place can only be described as such.

And if you somehow do block the hole? Your hell begins right there, in full view of anyone watching or around at that time. What actually happens, nobody knows, but they only know you’re in there, by yourself, screaming like one of them….

Why not just block it, you might ask? Signs were put up, warning people the area is closed, but they disappear. Walls were built, brick, cement, concrete…. all of them vanish the next day… only for the area to remain open and waiting for its next victim.

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