Tottoko Hamtaro: Nazo Nazo Q Compilation

This post will provide some information on the game Tottoko Hamtaro: Nazo Nazo Q, a game that was released only in Japan in 2005. The game works by solving riddles in the form of questions, and includes many characters from the classic cartoon Hamtaro. My old site contained a work in progress section devoted solely to this game, however, interest was very low, and work ceased on it. This page consists of the remnants of that section.

Solving Riddles

Playing and answering quizzes is completely different than playing in the overworld, I mean, obviously!

Getting Started

In my screenshots, you’ll see more options than what you’ll be presented at first, keep that in mind. So, when you first start, you’ll be given a selection of pages to choose from. Each page contains 4 sets of question, each of which have 5 questions, for a total of 20 questions each page. Selecting a page will show the set selection screen. If you’ve successfully completed a set of questions, you’ll be allowed to choose an individual question to play, otherwise, you’ll have to play the entire set.

When you choose to answer a set, you’ll have to answer 4 of them right to clear the set. You’ll be given 2 chances, and more opportunities to select the right answer.

Quiz Time!

Screen layout

Since this is a DS game, both screens are used. All user selections are made on the bottom screen.
The top screen displays the Question number, the timer, and the Question itself, as well as how many chances you have left. You get 180 seconds to answer each question. With 10 seconds left, Hamtaro will get noticeably worried, and after time is up, you will lose a chance.

The bottom screen is your playing area. There are 3 possible answers, each of which only displays one character. There are also 3 buttons (one next to each choice) and a sunflower seed on the table next to Hamtaro.

Eating the seed will display a hint on the top screen. (It is displayed in a Green window border) Once it has been eaten, an exclamation mark (!) will be left in its place. Touching the exclamation mark will display the hint again.

You can also tap on the pink spaces to reveal more of the answer. Some spaces are empty, this means there’s no characters there. (This also means that there are no characters to the right of that space.)

To select an answer, tap on the red button. You’ll be given a chance to confirm your answer, tap the red button to say “Yes,” or the blue button to say “No.”

If you select “Yes,” a drum roll will begin, and you can either wait, or tap the screen. In either case, you’ll be told if you’re right (in red letters) or wrong. (In blue letters)

Pressing Start at any time will allow you to quit prematurely and return to the book.


If you are wrong, you will lose one chance. (the question marks on the top screen.) Answer 2 of the 4 questions wrong, and you’ll fail. You’ll be given a chance to try again (pink option with pawprint) or go back to the book. (green option with book) Retrying will reset your chance counter and you’ll start at question 1.


If you get the question right, a number of things will happen. First, you’ll be graded based on how many spaces you uncovered. If you’ve left all spaces (except the ones given to you by the game) covered, you’ll get a gold medal for that question, which will display in the set selection screen, and on the top screen during quizzes. Next, you’ll be awarded sunflower seeds depending on if you’ve used your hint. If you have used it, you get nothing! Finally, if you’ve answered enough questions, your rank will go up one level.
Once you answer all 4 questions correctly, Hamtaro will jump into the middle of the screen. Your quiz card will change from blue to red to signify that you’ve cleared it. Next, you’ll be rewarded based on how many chances you have left. At first, you’ll have to fill in the spaces to earn a trophy. It usually takes four chances (or two perfect quiz runs) to get it. Once you’ve earned that, you’ll be given sunflower seeds, usually 5 per chance.

Finally, you’ll now be allowed to select the next set of questions, and earn gold medals on any questions you didn’t get right before.

It’s pretty complex for such a simple game, but it is very fun, and with a bit of patience, you’ll get the hang of it!

Cheat Sheets

So, you want to cheat in a game that asks a whole bunch of questions? OK, I’ll help!
Here’s some cheat sheets for you.

If there is an error, and it screws up your “perfect speedrun,” it is not my fault, you take full responsibility for your use of these sheets! While I do try to be 100% accurate, sometimes mistakes pass by, and I don’t notice. If you spot an error, please let me know through the contact form or the comments page, and I’ll get it fixed right away!

IF you’ve bought a copy of the printable sheets, YOU’VE BEEN SCAMMED, they can be downloaded and printed completely free from their respective pages. I DO NOT sell books or individual pages.361

When the question is displayed on the top screen, match it with the question displayed on this page. Then, using the bottom screen, look for the correct answer. Since only one character is displayed at first, you’ll have to match the position and the character in order to get the right answer.