Anybody who’s read my blog before knows I hate it when people inflate the price on something because its RARE, NOT EASY TO FIND, OUT OF STOCK.

I’m a Pokemon nut, and with X & Y’s release comes toys. I can’t seem to find out where they’re being sold, Toys R Us, Target, etc… Some people manage to have them though, even through the Street Date isn’t until October 1st. So, what’s the World of eBay look like today?


Well, this guy got me, I guess it is indeed rare… its not even supposed to be in his hands yet! I don’t know what I find more ridiculous, the fact that he’s charging $30 for a $12 plush toy, or the fact that most people will easily be able to get these in about 3 days. Hopefully, someone other than me likes Chespin, but I think I’ll wait.

Same idea, $25 for something that’s $8. Both these items share the same seller, though, and since they had them, I wanted to try and get the UPC off of them. See, most retailers can look up the status of an item, but only if you have the UPC of said item. Here’s the response I got from this seller:

I’m out of town till next week not at home to give u the info

Oh, ok, but you had plenty of time to post overpriced things on eBay. Besides, what’s the point of buying these from YOU when I can just wait until BEFORE you come back to buy the same thing. I mean, I’m at a disadvantage, my local Toys R Us is too far away from me, I have no reasonable means to get there. So, if Target doesn’t sell these, I either have to go to TRUs website, or pay someone to buy them for me.

Anyway, I could go on, but to wrap things up, its not only Chespin…

watEDIT: I’d like to note that the prices have been lowered. It’s now $25 for a plush and $22 for the figures. Go figure.

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