As an update, I can now add footnotes to articles. This way, I can post sources to content I post on the blog. As it stands, only one post has these enabled, I’ll be continuing to use them in newer posts.

Be fair and equal always Nintendo

With the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon behind us, it’s time to focus on one of Nintendo’s most controversial moves, well, at least it’s controversial in my opinion.

Prior to the release of a game, review copies are usually sent out to members of the press so that they can review the game, or at least have a review ready for publication. In some cases, fans of a series, or those that are deemed popular will also receive these copies. Sun and Moon were no exception. This was about two weeks prior to the release of the games, and what happens when big games are released? Those games are leaked to the public.

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Tottoko Hamtaro: Nazo Nazo Q Compilation

This post will provide some information on the game Tottoko Hamtaro: Nazo Nazo Q, a game that was released only in Japan in 2005. The game works by solving riddles in the form of questions, and includes many characters from the classic cartoon Hamtaro. My old site contained a work in progress section devoted solely to this game, however, interest was very low, and work ceased on it. This page consists of the remnants of that section.

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Anybody who’s read my blog before knows I hate it when people inflate the price on something because its RARE, NOT EASY TO FIND, OUT OF STOCK.

I’m a Pokemon nut, and with X & Y’s release comes toys. I can’t seem to find out where they’re being sold, Toys R Us, Target, etc… Some people manage to have them though, even through the Street Date isn’t until October 1st. So, what’s the World of eBay look like today?


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